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Looking back on the 40-year development history of Chinese beverages, there is always a taste that y

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As far as memory is concerned, the taste is often the most beautiful, and the beverage I drank as a child still feels relish in retrospect.

Today is Children’s Day. Qingshan Capital has sorted out the brief history of beverage development in China over the past 40 years. It is right to be a holiday pastime. By the way, see if you can find the taste in your memory?

The first stage: the opening era of Chinese taste buds

Pepsi-Cola opened its first factory in China

In 1981, Coca-Cola's first production line in China was officially put into operation, mainly supplying tourist hotels and selling to foreigners for foreign exchange. Pepsi also established its first canning factory in Shenzhen.

In 1982, the country included beverages in the "National Plan and Management Products", and Coca-Cola began to sell domestically in the Beijing market.

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